Social Media Tracking for PR and Communication Agencies

Learn how Keyhole can help you track trends and campaigns, reach out to influencers and out-react competitors with real-time Twitter and Instagram data.

Manage Client Campaigns with Ease
Your clients pay for your expert strategic skills. Why not automate campaign monitoring to gain as much valuable information as possible? Overseeing a campaign on Twitter and Instagram is easy thanks to Keyhole. Automatically track users, posts and impressions while identifying the most successful social content and popular keywords to model your tactics around.
Impress Your Clients by Identifying and Engaging Leading Influencers
Amplify a client’s online presence by connecting with influencers - social authorities in their given niches. Our real-time influencer tracker ranks them based on follower engagement, impressions and other key social media metrics. Pull their contact information and engage them to grow the client’s community and develop a favourable online perception.
Share Complete Reports and Insightful Graphs
Running a successful social campaign is one thing. Explaining results to clients is another. Keyhole makes clarifying your progress and outcomes easy by letting you share your single-page, real-time dashboard. You can also download report-ready charts and Excel data to create stunning presentations.
Anticipate Crises and Quickly React
You have to be on your guard at all times - there are too many examples of companies failing to react to a crisis, hurting public perception and overall business. Browse good and bad comments in real-time as you track hashtags, keywords, usernames and campaigns. Engage with the right users, mitigating issues before they spread.
Keep Tabs on the Competition
Meeting a client’s needs is impossible when you’re blind to the competition. Use Keyhole to monitor opposing brands, tracking their social content and engagement metrics to set benchmarks and better understand their audience. The insights you’ll gain will shed light on an industry’s best and worst practices, allowing you to optimize your strategies.
Build a Client’s Prospect Base
Make the value of social media clear to your clients by developing a pool of potential customers. Not only can you develop targeted campaigns through Keyhole’s insights, but you can find consumers based on their activity around industry topics. Engage them to build interest, then let the rest of your online activity to do the talking.
Start tracking Social Analytics with Keyhole
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